The Calx Project was a unique event in which I improvised at the piano for three days & three nights (60 hours and 1 minute). The whole concert was broadcast live over the web from a historical Roman landmark, followed by tens of thousands of listeners on a live internet stream – plus countless thousands more on location – and was awarded a unique Guinness World Record certificate as the world’s “Longest solo music internet broadcast”.

  • “A beautiful exaggeration of music…”IL MESSAGGERO
  • “Everyone who comes around is carried away by his music. People can’t help but just stop and listen.”IL GIORNALE
  • “Amazing strength of body, mind & music:
    I’m speechless!”Naomi (USA)
  • “You have kept me under your spell
    for over 4 hours!”Jasmine (INDIA)
  • “Christian rides on melodies in every mood – everyone seems to listen in amazement, and those who have to leave, return hours later for more!”IL TEMPO
  • “There is magic
    in every single note!” Linus (IRELAND)
  • “I’ve listened to about 12 hrs of your music without being bored… it’s incredible! Your project is one of the best things I’ve seen in my life.”Manfredi (ITALY)
  • “It’s an inspiration to me. It’s rare these days to find such focus, concentration, and dedication in the world!”Kaanchan (PAKISTAN)
  • “Our Roman Summer has just been conquered
    by a magical atmosphere…”ANNI NUOVI
  • “This is an inspiring initiative. I entered the Alberto Sordi Gallery by mistake – It’s been the best mistake I’ve ever made!”Claudio (ITALY)
  • “Thank you for letting the baby I carry inside of me
    hear your beautiful music!”Stefania (ITALY)
  • “I’ve been listening for almost three full days
    – and i’m mesmerized!”Bruce H. (USA)
  • “With tears in my eyes and lots of joy I’ll always remember this moment. This music goes straight to the heart, man!”Christiane (GERMANY)
  • “A pianist puts on a good show whenever he entertains others. Calcatelli’s show takes the extra step and reaches out to the poor and weak…”IL MESSAGGERO
  • “Your music is uplifting. I wish I could have been in Rome to hear it live, but I was on the other side of the world in Georgia, USA, watching over the web.”Bennett (USA)