L.I.F.E. at the Erkel Theatre, Budapest

March 3, 2017 – Very proud to announce that yet another performance of my “L.I.F.E.” ballet suite is on the programme for a very special event at the Erkel Theatre within the prestigious DanceTrend series for 2017, organized by the Budapest Opera.

The talented InternationBallet cast will take over the stage of Budapest’s largest theatre and dance the 4 movements. Also, a still from a previous “L.I.F.E.” performance was used on all official posters & promo material for the series.

Awesome or what? 🙂

Erkel theatre (C) 2017 Hungarian State Opera

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New Ballet Music

I’m proud to announce that I’m releasing 5 compositions created for InternationBallet, a dance company made up of professional dancers from the Budapest Opera.

This new music was created for the original choreography of Mark James Biocca and includes a solo piano suite (“L.I.F.E.“) and an orchestral track (“Anthemoessa“). This music will be danced in multiple events across Europe – from Budapest to Rome.

Within these ballet evenings, InternationBallet will present classical ballet with a modern twist over a selection of classical and contemporary tracks, including my music, which makes up about a third of the program.

I recorded “L.I.F.E.”, a piano suite in four movements, which is now available on iTunes, Google Play and other digital outlets.




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“Fata Turbina” – A little story in the Wind

The Wind is an amazing thing… Have you ever watched it pass through trees, plants & flowers?
Have you ever heard it?

We never refer to it as the ‘noise’ of the Wind. The Wind has a ‘sound’.

And for whoever listens, it whispers notes, harmonies and rhythms disguised as hisses, rustlings and memories.
But it’s never noise.

Here’s a new micro-composition for solo piano entitled “Fata Turbina” (“Turbine Fairy”) inspired by the wind and the air that’s hidden inside the piano… I promise – you can hear it in this track!

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Last Sunrise – a Micro Composition for Piano and Orchestra

Here’s a new “micro-composition” I scored to an original time-lapse video – it’s for piano, orchestra and choir.

It’s called “Last Sunrise” because I recorded the video the last day I was in Florida and wanted to catch an amazing Sunrise one last time.

It lasts only 15 seconds because I decided to feature it on Instagram and also because I liked the challenge of trying to capture a mood in such a short time. Did I succeed? I don’t know, but have a listen and let me know what you think!

As always, if you like it please click the “Like” and feel free to share it on your social media.

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Demo Opening for a Musical Show

Time for a track that is is quite different from the tranquil piano music you may know me for!

Some years ago my friend (lyricist Robert Gray) & I had an original idea for a musical theater show (Working Titles: “Joy Ride” / “Northern Star“). For a number of reasons, the musical was never completed – maybe one day it will!

Anyway, we produced a premature large-scale demo of the opening number (with still lots of work to be done on story, lyrics & music). But whatever! It was fun & an awesome learning experience, back then when I scored with just paper, pencil & pianos! Click here to read the notes while listening!)

Plot: This track “Been There? Doubt That!” contains a brief prelude and launches straight into the show opener: We’re live during a news interview of an author who’s presenting a new book about the Moon landings. The scene quickly shifts to Times Square, where a reporter asks passersby if they believe we’ve been to the Moon or not. A heated debate ensues. At a certain point the crowd happens to see one of the Astronauts from the Apollo Moon missions (who just happens to be in New York, right – this idea was later scratched!) who sings about the beauty of the Earth from up there, but he is quickly dismissed by the doubters! This demo closes with traffic noises and a ghostly clip of President John F. Kennedy reciting his famous moon speech (“We choose to go the the Moon”) although the latter was not actually part of the plot. Once the song finishes, the scene shifts to the hero and an intriguing plot of Love, Ecology and Planets begins to unveil.



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