Christian Calcatelli in 9 seconds

ChristianCalcatelliI’m an indie composer.

That means that all my projects come into existence thanks to the awesome support of fans – no record labels are involved.

I love to improvise in my style.

There’s a melody in my mind every minute of the day, even when I don’t make it public. Everything inspires me: someone walking on the street, the honking of a horn, the silence of the wind or the singing of birds.

A Guinness World Record.

I wasn’t joking when I said I love to improvise… I even did so live over the internet for 3 days and 3 nights (60+ hours). More than 30.000 people watched the event that Guinness World Records would recognize to be the world’s only “longest solo music internet broadcast”. Hear the music & see the pictures here!

My music genre? Poplical (Pop+Classical)

I like to blend meaningful music themes and ideas and strip them down to their bare essence (hmm – or build them up to volcanic eruption). I like to call my music ‘poplical‘ – a feel of contemporary classical, pop, new age & soundtrack. It’s perfect for relaxing – most of the times at least – but intelligent enough for a deeper experience. My music has been used for feature movie soundtracks, media projects, international corporate events and advertisements. I’m releasing a new solo piano CD during summer of 2016!

I was born in the USA, lived in Italy all my life.

I was hatched in Florida (in sunny Melbourne) and have lived in Rome, Italy. Rome is a beautifully chaotic city, with inspiration lurking in every rock & corner!

Green is good, me thinketh.

I am very interested in all things organic, eco-friendly & green. I believe that as a musician one can make a difference also in this sense, and can’t wait to print my new CD using recycled & eco-friendly materials!

I’m a cloud catcher.

Clouds are the quintessential expression of creative genius and represent a live work of art that evolves in real time. Look no else for inspiration.

Espresso + Ferrarelle= Ahhh!

I believe in manufacturing little moments throughout the day to let the brain chillax & think in a different way. The perfect espresso & H20 combination… and the neuron party begins. Yay!